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How did you choose what plants to grow?

Tracy Tom Stephenson
Date added:
Tuesday, 26 May 2009
Last revised:
Sunday, 20 May 2012
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We chose our vegetable offerings with both taste and variety in mind. Towards that end, we try to offer at least 5 different varieties of tomatoes, at least 3 of peppers, corn, beans and potatoes, as well as trying to grow a bit of everything else just so that we have something different to offer than the same old peas, beans, corn and potatoes that have become the staples of many backyard gardens. We have had quite the education the last couple years as to what is available for growing to the adventurous gardener, as well as what is available and TASTY to the adventurous gastronomer. To that end, we have widened our selection of squash to include such things as crookneck squash and Pink Banana squash, and added such other oddities as popcorn, salad bowl lettuce, potatoes such as Alaska Sweetheart, Pink Fur Apple and Purple Viking, dried beans, and heirloom tomatoes like Black Zebra or Cherokee Purple.


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