Thursday, April 27, 2017
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What We Are All About

Community shared agriculture is more than just a means to fresh produce. It is a cry from the people for better food. Food that is large and plump and the perfect colour is not necessarily good food. The cookie cutter produce that can be bought from the large grocery chains may look the part but they are usually seriously lacking in taste and freshness. Have we forgotten what garden fresh peas are supposed to taste like?

Part of the underlying problem for the whole scenario is that grocery stores have a monopoly on consumers. A CSA offers an alternative. A CSA is not for everyone. It is an investment in not only the garden for that season but also in the shareholder for life. It is a pledge to eat healthier by cooking at home instead of grabbing fast-food. It is an adventure because you may be exposed to food you have never seen before let alone cooked or eaten. It is a commitment to the grower that you'll be there when your box is to be dropped off. It is a chance to defy the norm and dare to think outside the big-box.

We challenge you to be a part of our quest for not just better food but great food!


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