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shares contract details

Share Contract Details 2013

The expectations when a person agrees to purchase a share in Stephenson's Arizona Edibles gardenare as follows:

1) We understand that this is an investment in a Community-Shared Agriculture (CSA) garden.

2) We will accept that the weather is not a controllable factor in the garden, and as such the hard work put into the garden by the owners may be ruined by any severe weather, regardless of any and all precautions taken by the owners. We will not hold the owners responsible for a crop failure due to an Act of God.

3) We will accept that the actions of others may also contribute to any or all parts of a crop failure due to negligence on the part of the people living or operating in the area. We will not hold the owners of Stephenson's Arizona Edibles responsible in the event of a crop failure due to someone else's negligence (e.g. improperly-maintained crop-dusting equipment).

4) We agree to pay $350.00 total for a share of Stephenson's Arizona Edibles garden for the growing season of 2013. We agree that the 80% down-payment ($280.00) of the share will be paid up front and will be non-refundable. We agree to pay the balance of the share ($70) over 7 weeks, for a $10/week delivery fee for the first seven (7) weeks of deliveries. (We will accept checks with valid ID made payable to Tom or Tracy Stephenson). *Note: This year all deliveries will be to local farmer's markets as a pick-up point, instead of door-to-door.

5) We understand that the delivery fee will be waived for the week if there are no available vegetables or fruit.

6) We understand that the 5lb quote per week is an estimate and that box weight may vary depending on what is harvestable.

7) We will give at least 48 hours' notice in the event that we need to cancel or postpone a delivery and will do so ONLY by phone (204-721-3094) not by email. We agree that if prior delivery arrangements are not made, our vegetables may be sold to someone else.

8) We agree that we will let Stephenson's Arizona Edibles know of any food allergies PRIOR to the start of deliveries.

9) We agree to let Stephenson's Arizona Edibles know if there is a problem with the food, service or anything else that may arise from this contract. Crop-sharing means communication, folks. Talk to us! You may even get a chance to come out and see where your food is coming from.

We, the owners of Stephenson's Arizona Edibles, will pledge to do the following:

1) Not to use chemicals on our produce.

2) To use as many environmentally responsible tools and resources as possible while growing the food.

3) To be as informed as we possibly can about the various growing conditions and about the produce available in our garden and anywhere else we may receive produce to sell.

4) Supply our share-holders with as much fresh, Sustainably-Attained, Naturally Grown, Environmentally Responsible (SANGER) produce as we can grow or receive.

Shares are limited.


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