Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Delivery Information 2013

Community Shared Agriculture is all about involving the community in the growing process, and showing them how food SHOULD be grown, instead of how some government expert that hasn't seen a field in 10 years THINKS it should be done. In that respect, our produce may not look the best, but it should taste a lot better than the stuff in the stores. With the current available chemicals and growing practices currently available, you can make vegetables and fruit that are highly appealing to the eye, but would likely outlast a piece of firewood. We believe that people should get food that does a lot more than sit on the table and look pretty. Our fruits and vegetables may not last for 3 or 4 weeks, but that's why we're offering weekly deliveries to a local pick-up point. We are also asking that you bring us two milk crates or some similar suitable container with your name and phone number marked clearly on them so that we can make sure that everyone gets their vegetables every week. Don't forget to bring your other container with you when you come to pick up each week's vegetables.

This year, we've decided that we are going to have our shareholders come to a central location for pick-up, so that we can show the general public another way to get vegetables. This means that last year's offering of door-to-door delivery is unavailable unless specific arrangements are made before the day of the pick-up.

This year, the delivery points are likely going to be the Farmer's Market at the Global Market in Brandon. We will be updating our Delivery page when we figure out which Farmer's Markets we will be going to this summer and fall for sure.


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